Graduation Requirements

To fulfill the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, students must obtain:

Compulsory Credits (total of 18)

  • 4 credits in English (one credit per grade)
  • 1 credit in French as a second language
  • 3 credits in Mathematics (at least one in Grade 11 or 12)
  • 2 credits in Science
  • 1 credit in Canadian History
  • 1 credit in Canadian Geography
  • 1 credit in the Arts (Music, Art, Dance or Drama)
  • 1 credit in Health and Physical Education
  • 0.5 credit in Civics
  • 0.5 credit in Career Studies


  • 1 additional credit in English, or a third language, or Social Sciences and the Humanities, or Canadian and World Studies or Guidance and Career Education or Cooperative Education
  • 1 additional credit in Health and Physical education, or the arts, or Business Studies or Cooperative Education
  • 1 additional credit in Grade 11 or 12 science or Grade 9 to 12 Technological Education or Cooperative Education

Ontario Literacy Requirement

A total of 30 credits are required to graduate with the above mentioned required courses.  Grade 10 Literacy Test or completion of the Ontario Literacy Course (OLC4O) is required to graduate.

Community Service

All students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of unpaid community involvement activities before graduating from high school. This requirement is in addition to the 30 credits needed for a high school diploma. Students are responsible for fulfilling this requirement on their own time, for keeping a record of their activities on a form supplied by Continuing Education or School Guidance Department. By May 1 of the students' graduating year, all 40 hours must be completed or they will not be in a position to graduate and attend our graduation ceremonies.