Night School

Semester Two

February 21, 2023 to June 1, 2023

Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays (6:00 pm to 9:30 pm)
Note: There will be no classes during the March Break. There will also be no classes on March 23 and April 27; however, cooperative education students will still attend placement on March 23 and April 27.
Full Disclosure Date:  April 18, 2023

Course Offerings

All courses will be offered in-person.   

Location: Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School (1375 Harwood Ave N. Ajax)


MCR3U - Functions 11 University - Cancelled

ENG4C - English, 12 College - Cancelled

ENG4U - English, 12 University - Cancelled

MCT4C - Mathematics for College Technology 12 - Cancelled

MDM4U - Data Management, 12 University - Cancelled

MHF4U - Advanced Functions, 12 University - FULL

MCV4U – Calculus and Vectors, 12 University - Cancelled

OLC4O - Ontario Literacy Course, 12 Open - Cancelled
SBI4U - Biology, 12 University  - Cancelled
SCH4U - Chemistry, 12 University  - Cancelled
SPH4U - Physics, 12 University  - Cancelled
Cooperative Education 11 & 12 - Cancelled

Click on this link for Course Descriptions and Prerequisites

Registration - Non-DCDSB

Prospective students must complete the application form by clicking on the registration form below.  Submit a copy of the application form to your Guidance department for approval.  The signed form and a status sheet or transcript can then be sent to us via email:

For students no longer attending a Secondary School who have their OSSD -  you must complete the application form and return along with a transcript or status sheet to: 


Please ensure that an accurate email address is provided for communication purposes as Continuing Education will send email updates regarding night school.  

Night School Registration Form - closed 

Registration for DCDSB students

Please see your Guidance Counsellor to register for Night School classes.

Night School Cooperative Education

A cooperative education program will be offered at night school to allow students to earn one or two credits through placements in the community that are scheduled during evening hours.  This is available to students who:

  • Are currently enrolled in day school and are 16 years of age or older;
  • Are returning students who wish to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma; or
  • Require a two credit co-op to fulfill the requirements of a SHSM program.

In addition to registering for Night School, students must fill out the registration package for the program:

Cooperative Education Night School Application - Cancelled


Cancelled Courses

Please check this page regularly as it will be updated if courses are cancelled.  

FEE * There is no cost for night school classes.

Contact Us

For more information contact our Oshawa Campus 905-438-0570 or