Grade 9 and 10 Credit Recovery Courses

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Grade 9 and 10 students who did not successfully complete a course are invited to take a summer Credit Recovery course during the following semesters:

  • Semester 1 - July 4 - 16, 2018
  • Semester 2 - July 17 - 27, 2018

Summer school registration is now open, and closes Friday June 29, 2018.

  1. Durham Catholic DSB students - visit your school's guidance office to pick up a registration form.
  2. Non Durham Catholic District SB students & OSSD Graduates apply online  -

NEW guidelines for credit recovery courses

Please note:

  • Students wishing to upgrade a mark for a course in which they have achieved 50% or above, must enrol in an Accelerated course from July 4-27, 2018.  
  • Due to the short time frame of summer school, students must attend ALL classes and program dates.
           Exams can not be re-scheduled or modified.


Our Grade 9 and 10 summer Credit Recovery Courses will be offered at:

  • Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
           1375 Harwood Ave. North, Ajax
  • Father Leo J. Austin C.S.S.
           1020 Dryden Blvd, Whitby

Grade 9 Credit Recovery Courses

The following courses are available:

Section Number Course Name Notre Dame Ajax
Semester 1
Notre Dame Ajax
Semester 2

Leo Austin

Semester 1  

Leo Austin



GC1D1 Geography Academic 9 CGC1D1 - moved to Austin   CGC1D1  
CGC1P1 Geography Applied 9 CGC1P1 - moved to Austin   CGC1P1  
ENG1D1 English Academic 9 ENG1D1 ENG1D1 ENG1D1 ENG1D1 - moved to Notre Dame
ENG1P1 English Applied 9 ENG1P1 ENG1P1 ENG1P1 ENG1P1 - moved to Notre Dame
FSF1D1 French Academic 9 FSF1D1    FSF1D1 - moved to Notre Dame  
FSF1P1 French Applied 9  FSF1P1   FSF1P1 - moved to Notre Dame  
HRE1O1 Reigion 9 HRE1O1 - cancelled      
MPM1D1 Math Academic 9  MPM1D1 MPM1D1  MPM1D1 MPM1D1 
MFM1P1 Math Applied 9  MFM1P1  MFM1P1 - MFM1P1  MFM1P1 
SNC1D1 Science Academic 9  SNC1D1     SNC1D1 
SNC1P1 Science Applied 9  SNC1P1     SNC1P1 

Math Transfer

Applied to Academic


Grade 10 Credit Recovery Courses 

The following courses are available:

Section Number Course Name Notre Dame CSS, Ajax
Semester 1
Notre Dame CSS, Ajax
Semester 2
Semester 1
Semester 2
CHC2D1 History Academic 10 CHC2D1      
CHC2P1 History Applied 10 CHC2P1      
CHV201 Civics 10 CHV2O1 (July 4-9) - cancelled   CHV201 (July 4-9) - cancelled  
GLC201 Career Studies 10 GLC2O1 (July 10-16) - cancelled   GLC201 (July 10-16) - cancelled  
ENG2D1 English Academic 10 ENG2D1 ENG2D1 - cancelled ENG2D1 ENG2D1 - cancelled
ENG2P1 English Applied 10 ENG2P1 ENG2P1 - cancelled ENG2P1 ENG2P1- cancelled
HRE201 Religion 10 HRE2O1 - cancelled      
MPM2D1 Math Academic 10 MPM2D1 MPM2D1 - cancelled MPM2D1 MPM2D1 - cancelled
MFM2P1 Math Applied 10 MFM2P1 MFM2P1 - cancelled MFM2P1 MFM2P1 - cancelled
SNC2D1 Science Academic 10 SNC2D1     SNC2D1
SNC2P1 Science Applied 10 SNC2P1     SNC2P1

Please check this webpage for cancelled courses. This webpage will be updated frequently. 




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