Grade 11 and 12 Credit Recovery Courses

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Summer school registrations are currently open.  Due to COVID-19 measures, summer school classes will be offered online.  Please continue to check the website for updates.

DCDSB Students must contact their school guidance
counsellor to register for summer school.

Students in grade 11 or 12 courses who did not successfully complete a credit or would like to upgrade a mark for a course they have already completed and passed are invited to take a summer Credit Recovery course during the following semesters:

  • Semester 1 - July 2 - 14, 2020
  • Semester 2 - July 15 - 27, 2020

Summer school registration closes Thursday, June 25, 2020.

  1. Non Durham Catholic District SB students - apply on line      

eLearning vs Distance Learning

  • DCDSB offers eLearning over the summer which is not the same as distance learning.  The eLearning Summer 2020 Credit Recovery program is a 2 week course consisting of 55 hours.  Participation of approximately 6 hours per day, Monday - Friday is highly recommended for completion of this program.
  • Distance learning is the mode of instruction that DCDSB students are currently engaged in during school closures.  Distance learning does not always require online access, and educators connect with their students through a variety of methods.

*Online Student Orientation Session - July 2, 2020* 
  Students will be  contacted by their teacher for start-up details.
  Please check junk email boxes and contact 
if you did not receive a D2L/Brightspace Username and Password on June 29 by 4:00 pm.

Our Grade 11 and 12 summer Credit Recovery courses will be offered online.


Grade 11 Credit Recovery courses

Section Number Course Name

Semester 1 

July 2 - 14


Semester 2

July 15 - 27

ENG3C1 English 11 College ENG3C1   ENG3C1- Cancelled
ENG3U1 English 11 University ENG3U1   ENG3U1- Cancelled
MBF3C1 Foundations for College Math - 11 MBF3C1 - Cancelled  MBF3C1- Cancelled
MCF3M1 Functions & Applications 11-U/C MCF3M1 - Cancelled  MCF3M1- Cancelled
MCR3U1 Functions 11 University MCR3U1  MCR3U1 - Cancelled

Biology 11  University

SBI3U1 - Cancelled SBI3U1- Cancelled
SBI3C1 Biology 11 College SBI3C1 - Cancelled SBI3C1- Cancelled
SCH3U1 Chemistry 11 University SCH3U1 - Cancelled SCH3U1- Cancelled
SPH3U1 Physics 11 University SPH3U1 - Cancelled SPH3U1- Cancelled

Grade 12 Credit Recovery courses 

Section Number Course Name

Semester 1

July 2 - 14

Semester 2

July 15 - 27

ENG4C1 English 12 College ENG4C1 - Cancelled  ENG4C1- Cancelled
ENG4U1 English 12 University  ENG4U1  - Cancelled  ENG4U1- Cancelled
MAP4C1 Foundations for College Math - 12 MAP4C1 - Cancelled  MAP4C1- Cancelled
MCV4U1 Calculus & Vectors - 12 University MCV4U1 - Cancelled  MCV4U1- Cancelled

Advanced Functions -12 University

MHF4U1 - Cancelled  MHF4U1- Cancelled

Data Management 12 University

MDM4U1 - Cancelled MDM4U1- Cancelled

Chemistry 12 University

SCH4U1 - Cancelled SCH4U1- Cancelled

Chemistry 12 College

SCH4C1 - Cancelled SCH4C1- Cancelled

Biology 12 University

SBI4U1 - Cancelled SBI4U1- Cancelled

Physics 12 University

SPH4U1 - Cancelled SPH4U1- Cancelled

Please check this webpage often for cancelled courses. This webpage will be updated regularly.

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