Accelerated and eLearning Summer Courses

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We are excited to offer you a variety of Grade 9 to 12 accelerated courses and Grade 10 to 12 eLearning courses this summer.

Summer school registration for accelerated and eLearning courses is now open, and closes June 27, 2018.

  1. Durham Catholic DSB students - visit your school's guidance office to pick up a registration form.
  2. Non Durham Catholic DSB students & OSSD Graduates - Apply online

Accelerated courses - July 4 - 27, 2018

The following accelerated courses are available this summer:

Accelerated Courses Notre Dame CSS Fr. Leo J Austin CHS
Math 9 - Academic MPM1D1 MPM1D1 
English 9 - Academic ENG1D1  
Science 9 - Academic SNC1D1  
Civics 10 (July 4-16) CHV2O1 CHV2O1 
Civics 10 (July 17-27) GLC2O1 GLC2O1
English 10 - Academic ENG2D1   
Principles of Math 10 - Academic MPM2D1 MPM2D1 
Science 10 - Applied SNC2P1   
Science 10 - Academic SNC2D1   
English 11 - College ENG3C1  ENG3C1 
English 11 - University ENG3U1  ENG3U1
Foundations of College Math 11-C MBF3C1  MBF3C1 - moved to Notre Dame CSS
Functions & Applications 11 U/C MCF3M1  MCF3M1 - moved ot Notre Dame CSS
Functions & Relations - University MCR3U1  MCR3U1 
Biology 11 - College SBI3C1  
Biology 11 - University SBI3U1  
Physics 11 - University SPH3U1   
Chemistry 11 - University   SCH3U1 
Business Leadership 12 - U/C BOH4M1  
English 12 - College ENG4C1  ENG4C1
English 12 - University ** ENG4U1 ENG4U1 
Foundations of College Math 12 - C MAP4C1 MAP4C1 
Calculus & Vectors 12 - University MCV4U1 - cancelled MCV4U1 - cancelled
Data Management 12 - University MDM4U1  MDM4U1 - moved to Notre Dame CSS
Advanced Functions - University MHF4U1 MHF4U1 
Ontario Literacy Course 12 - Open OLC4O1 OLC4O1 - moved to Notre Dame CSS
Biology 12 - University   SBI4U1 - cancelled
Chemistry 12 - University SCH4U1 - cancelled  
Chemistry 12 - College   SCH4C1 - cancelled
Religion 11 & 12 - U/C HRE4M1  HRE3M1

eLearning courses

The following eLearning (on-line) courses are being offered this summer:

eLearning Courses Course Code
Civics 10 (July 4-16) CHV2OE
Career Studies 10 (July 17-27) GLC2OE
English - 10 Academic ENG2DE
Understanding Cdn. Law - 11 U/C CLU3ME
English - 11 College ENG3CE
English - 11 University ENG3UE
Leadership & Peer Support- 11 Open GPP3OE - cancelled
World Religion - 11 U/C HRT3ME
Business Leadership - 12 U/C BOH4ME
English 12 - College ENG4CE
English 12 - University ** ENG4UE
Families in Canada - 12 U HHS4UE
Challenge & Change in Soc. - 12 U HSB4UE
Calculus and Vectors - 12 U MCV4UE - cancelled
Ontario Literacy Course - 12 Open OLC4OE

** It is recommended that students have achieved a minimum of 75% in ENG3U prior to registering for ENG4U due to the volume of work within the compressed time frame.


  • $20.00 cash Activity Fee
  • $100.00 book deposit - Cheque payable to DCDSB is required on the first day of class for courses requiring a text book and will be returned at end of course when text book is returned to teacher.

**Students and adults no longer attending a secondary school, please either fax or email your registration form to:  to Archbishop Anthony Meagher Catholic Continuing Education Centre at  (905) 438-0571  or  Email to Please call the Oshawa Campus if you have questions (905) 438-0570.


  • Students are required to provide a current email address.
  • Students need a computer and internet access to take an on-line course.  
  • Final exams for all eLearning courses (except OLC4O and GLC2O/CHV2O) will be written in a classroom at the end of the term.  Location: 850 King St. W., Unit 26, Oshawa, L1J8N5.  Classroom locations will be announced. Please note: the July 26 exam date can not be rescheduled.   
  • Students taking eLearning courses are required to attend a mandatory one hour in-class information session on July 4. 

***Mandatory eLearning In-Class Student Information Session - July 4, 2018

  • Oshawa Campus, 850 King St. W, Unit 26, Oshawa, L1J8N5.
  • Time and room number will be emailed to students.
  • There is no activity fee for a summer eLearning course.  
  •  Students working on-line will be expected to adhere to the standard rules of Academic Integrity and follow the Code of Conduct as expected of students in the face-to-face classroom setting.
  • Students taking an on-line course will be expected to log-in on a daily basis and meet all deadlines.  Students should be able to commit to a minimum of 30 hours per week to on-line learning, and must log in daily.   
  • Flexibility of an on-line course allows students to access their course material from anywhere that has internet access and anytime during the day or night; however, students may be asked to participate in on-line discussions at specified times. 
  • Once students are registered and enrolled into the on-line environment, they will be able to access their courses at

**Once registered, your username and password will be emailed to you. 

*** Students can only register for the equivalent of ONE accelerated course in the summer, regardless of mode of delivery 
(e.g. either classroom OR eLearning course, but not both). 

  • Students wishing to upgrade courses will attend classes for four weeks in length from July 4 - 27, 2018.
  • Due to the compressed time frame of Summer School, students must be available to attend ALL program dates.  
    Exam dates can not be rescheduled.
  • Please note: students in the Catholic eLearning Consortium (OCeLC) can register through the provincial Seat Reservation System and will be sent instructions regarding the information session and final exam.


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